164th Infantry Regiment Patch

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  • 164th Infantry Regiment Patch
  • 164th Infantry Regiment Patch | Center Detail
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  • 164th Infantry Regiment Patch | Lower Left Quadrant
  • 164th Infantry Regiment Patch | Lower Right Quadrant
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McGROGAN's 164th REGIMENT PATCH Distinctive Unit Insignia. Description: A 3 x 3.5 inch patch consisting of a shield blazoned: Azure, a Spanish castle Gules door of the first and fimbriated Or between three six-pointed mullets one and two and debruised in base by a demi-sun issuing from base of the last. Attached below the shield is a blue scroll inscribed "JE SUIS PRET" in gold. Symbolism: The service of the former organization, 142d Engineer Battalion, is indicated by the blue shield for Infantry, with the Spanish castle taken from the Spanish Campaign medal representing Spanish War service. The Philippine Insurrection service is indicated by the three mullets from the Philippine Island flag. The sun in base, from the 41st Division shoulder sleeve insignia, denotes World War I service with that division. Background: The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 164th Regiment Infantry on 11 an 1933. It was redesignated for the 142d Engineer Battalion on 8 May 1956. On 26 Dec 1974 the insignia was rescinded (cancelled). The insignia was approved for the 164th Regiment, with description and symbolism revised, on 6 Nov 1997.
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