Custom Patch Request


If you’re looking for custom patches, or custom military patches, you’ve come to the right place! 

Popular Patch has filled thousands of orders for customers wanting a custom patch or military patch, and they have all walked away happy. Our years of experience with embroidery and patches have helped us meet the needs of our customers and provide them exactly what they want.

Custom patches and military patches provide a high-quality look like direct embroidery but with savings on the cost. Additionally, you can place your design on nearly any surface, whereas traditional embroidery is limited to certain placement areas. Our team is ready to handle your project, so send your artwork through or let us help you design your patch according to how you want it.

Custom Order Options

When you place an order, you have the option of size, backing, colors, and shape. Some options, such as merrowed edging, only work well on simple shapes, while a cut edge is fantastic for more complicated shapes in your custom patch. Backing options include: no backing (when you are planning to sew on your custom patch), iron on (a great option for easy application with heat), hook-side or hook & loop (works wonderfully for applications when needing to remove and replace with other patches), as well as peel and stick (works well for temporary situations).

A 50% deposit is required to place your order. The remaining balance is due upon delivery.  Once your order has been confirmed with deposit, your patch will be put into production.  Within two weeks you will receive an email that includes an image of the first sample sew out. Your final approval of the sample is necessary to move forward with production.  Our usual lead time is 6 weeks, from placing the order through shipping the order to you. If you are interested in placing a custom patch order or have additional questions please fill out the form below. 

Custom Patch Pricing

Our custom patches are made of the highest quality standards up to 100% embroidery. Not all patches are created equal, and many are made with thinner materials and large gaps in the stitching.  Our custom patch pricing ensures you get the highest quality patches at an extremely competitive price.


All pricing is for standard patch options and materials. Please feel free to contact us for specific requirements and pricing.