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Zombie Patches

The zombie craze has proven to be more then just a fad in that it continues to not die off, pun intended. The truth is the craze has a true following of all things undead fanaticism. While this category will continue to grow we currently have a zombie hunter patch and zombie disposal unit patch, our personal favorite as we currently have it in an iron on and velcro option.
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  • Zombie Disposal Unit Patch

    Zombie Disposal Unit Patch

    Get a jump on setting up your post apocalyptic booming business of the near futur...

    List Price: $7.95

    Price: $6.95

  • Zombie Hunter Patch

    Zombie Hunter Patch

    Our Zombie Patch series is one of our most popular patches. This patch depicts a...

    List Price: $8.95

    Price: $7.95

  • Zombie Outbreak Response Team Patch

    Zombie Outbreak Response Team Patch

    When the apocalypse comes will you be part of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team a...

    List Price: $7.95

    Price: $6.95

  • I Shotgun Zombies Patch

    I Shotgun Zombies Patch

    This patch is a play off of the I Love ___ series, but rather than a heart you ha...

    List Price: $7.95

    Price: $6.95