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    Get An Easy 50 Bucks

    Jun 3 • Military Patches, Thoughts • 1588 Views

    Hey fans! Help us grow our business and get something out of it too!

    We need links. If you can get us a link from your website or blog to and then send us an email with the location of the link so that we can verify…


    If you can us additional links, we will give you an additional $5 store credit for every link after the first. You can’t beat that with a stick! So stop reading and get a linking…

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  • Kermit the Frog wants some patches

    Kermit the Frog uses patches

    Jan 22 • Funny, Military Patches • 2909 Views

    Patches are a frog’s best friend. At least that’s what Kermit the Frog thinks.

    We met up with Kermit the Frog just a couple of days ago, and found out that he’s getting up there in age. You could see some gray coming in around his iconic green and froggy eyes as he sat down with us at our office. He gingerly began talking about himself and his muppet friends beginning to have some issues with tears, worn spots, and holes. Then he progressed into explaining that he also was showing his age and needed something to help, which we eagerly offered! He said:

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte Patch Quote

    Napoleon Bonaparte Wears Patches

    Jan 2 • Funny • 4405 Views

    So things have been dry at Popular Patch lately. We haven’t had any regular celebrities coming through with the holidays and all. I think they have all been on vacation or drinking martinis in some bar that is no where near us. Either way, we have been hard at work getting our zombie disposal unit patches in, and we finally have them up on our website. Once they were up we got a very interesting call from Napoleon Bonaparte. I thought he was dead, but obviously I was wrong… He plainly stated: Continue Reading

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  • Honoring those around you

    Honoring Troops

    Sep 20 • Thoughts • 2173 Views

    Growing up, my mother had me watch plenty of old musicals, dramas, and comedies. Each movie had its share of cheese, but many held a central theme of war or military with an attached fondness. Bing Crosby, and Donald O’Conner come to mind as men who sang “Gee I wish I was back in the Army” by Irving Berlin, and Gene Kelly singing and dancing to “Anchors Away” the classic Navy song. In another old movie, “Francis the Talking Mule”, Donald O’Conner would have antics that would certainly poke fun at the military blunders and ways, but overall there was a respect and honor of the military that would carry throughout its central themes. Each character in these films were excited to serve the military, and those who avoided recruitment were chastised and shunned. In another old movie with Gene Kelly, “Me and My Gal”, the main character slams his hand in a chest in order to stay out of the military and remain back at home with his girl. She in return was incredulous, and would not stand for his cowardice over his actions. These mentalities have been lost. Continue Reading

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  • Military Patches in a Shadow Box

    History of Patch Collecting

    Sep 17 • Military Patches, Patch Information • 2288 Views

    Since before the first century, insignias were adopted to show dedication to a religion, family, or culture. The Greeks and Romans and later, the Christians, all had emblems that were symbols of the religious and cultural beliefs. Medieval Christians wore badges made of metal and pinned onto their clothing to show they had been to famous shrines and well known places. The pilgrim’s collections grew quite large and were even mentioned in ‘Canterbury Tales’ by the well known author Chaucer. Continue Reading

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